I've lost 20kilos, my energy levels are incomparable. My self esteem and confidence it's like two different people

Doris Harangus20 kilos less

Pauline Kariuki 3:38

Pauline tells us what she has achieved in just 2 months!

6 kilos less!

12 kilos less!

9 kilos less!


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Personalised Training that gets results!

Anyone can make you sweat, we make you better!

As you begin your transformation you'll begin to enjoy all the benefits of getting in great shape - toned muscles
less fat, better mental focus and increased levels of energy.
It´s not a job for us, it is our calling!

About Us

We were simply born to help you get better

We were born to help you get better

We consider you a member of our extended family and we´ll always take the time to listen to your worries and goals.

Dedicated coaches always encourage me to push myself to higher limits and feel amazing! I've already recommended them to my sister family and all my friends!

Gathoni MwangiKGPT Client

Personal Training

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Great


Personalised Plans and nutrition coaching


Helping you achieve all your goals and to overcome all obstacles.

Guaranteed Results

We Track Your Progress

In Karen Gym dn Personal Training Center we take your results extremely seriously and to ensure a 100% success on your goals we track all your measurements and weight on a weekly basis so we can help you each step of the way.

*Real Client progress report

Private Training Center

In the heart of Karen, Nairobi

In the heart of Karen Square, opposite Java Café and directly above the banks. With our own private personal training center.

No waiting for machines, no one watching and judging you, no rain, no dog poo in the park, just amazing training and results.

Every training is made to be exactly to your needs and a lot of fun. Full weights section and multi-station, punchbags, battle ropes, trx, heart rate monitoring, kettlebells and I could go on.

Travelling? No problem..

We´ll plan everything for you

All clients have FREE access to personalised homework training from their coach.

This also includes personalised nutrition tracking and planning so we can help you as much in the gym as when you are out of the gym. We are with you every step of your journey.

Pauline Kariuki 3:38

Pauline tells us what she has achieved in just 2 months! ?

Say hello to your team


Personal Trainer

Coach Gerald known as the smiling Assasin for his constant happy persona that lights up every room he walks in too. His clients love him fo his empathy, understanding and calm nature, but don't let that smile fool you. Gerald is also known for taking his clients to the next level and whooping ass when needed, all with love of course.

His favourite sport is boxing and his favourite naughty food is Chapati rolled in eggs and peanut butter.


Personal Trainer

James the energy monster is full of passion, dedication and motivation to all his clients. A smile that can drop you dead on the floor at the time of his choosing. The king of high intensity workouts and also equally at home with strength and conditioning work to help you become the best version of yourself. His clients love him for his caring manner and utter dedication to their goals, he'll get angry if you miss a session! Watch out!

His favourite sport is football and his favourite naughty food is Sweet potato and peanut butter.


Super Admin

Miriam, always on hand with a smile and a kind word to help you every step of the way. We love her happy personality and willingness to help all the clients.

Come in and chat to her to see how she can help you whether that is for the gym, personal training, massage, spa or just a relaxing sports drink.

Words cannot express what David and his team have done for me. 37 kilos less and a completely new life!

Jeremy Reines37 kilos menos
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    Personalised Training

    Specific to your objective

    Nutritional Coaching

    Nutritional Coaching and Specific plans


    A personal coach to help you each step of the way

    Progress Tracking

    Our signature system to ensure you get results..Period

    It pushes you to limits you didn’t know you had. Each session is a physical and mental release that is so good. It´s so addictive, there is such a high you get from it. Makes you feel amazing.

    Pauline KariukiKGPT Client

    Incomparable to any place I've been before, there's nothing more satisfying than what you'll achieve here!

    Doris Harangus20 kilos less
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